Hackathon 12-14 May 2017 – Blockchain India Week – Mumbai


Delivered by Ethereum experts from USA and Europe, this hackathon is the first of its kind in India, with 200+ Blockchain fanatics already signed up with a diverse representation from Banks, FIs, IT firms, Developers and startups.


Ethereum, Microsoft , ConsenSys and Zero Field Labs are supporting the hackathon!

This will be a must-attend hackathon for anyone who wants to live-test their blockchain skills and aptitude in a cooperative and highly intellectual and stimulating environment well-chosen at IIT Mumbai, Powai. 5 short-listed teams will be selected on 14th May, who will be invited to pitch to Vitalik live at Blockchain Storm Ethereum India Summit on 18th May – set to take place at the iconic Mumbai landmark opposite India Gate – Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai.

Vitalik will select the winning team and give away the “Vitalik Buterin Prize for Blockchain Excellence” in person on 18 May!


Countries represented:











May 12th:
18h: Introduction.
19h: Presentations
20h30: Projects fire-pitches
21h: Group-forming


May 13th:
10h: Breakfast
11h: Mentoring sessions
13h: Lunch
14h: Blockchain Workshops
19h: End of the 1st day


10h: Breakfast
11h:Pitch Training
12h: Lunch
16h: Demo presentations
17h: Closing Party / End of the day


Each team needs to register with atleast 1 blockchain developer and upto 5 total team members.


Blockchain India Week Hackathon Challenges :

  1. Agriculture & Farming – Making Supply Chain logistics farmer friendly ; Linking farmers to markets in cities and international trade corridors like the Flower Auction Market in Bangalore
  2. Freight & transportation of goods & produce through blockchain-enabled sharing-economy
  3. Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain for weather-friendly crop advice to farmers
  4. Trade Finance for SMEs
  5. Peer to Peer loan market and on-line lending
  6. Person to Person Microinsurance for events like crop failure
  7. Blockchain for Governments – Governance, Public Goods Subsidy & Administration , tax collection, refunds
  8. Blockchain for Financial Inclusion & the unbanked
  9. Blockchain enabled Market mashups – like intersections of industry verticals
  10. Blockchain for improving market efficiency in capital markets, financial services, banks
  11. Supply chain to track the origin of products: the lifecycle from raw material, through processing, assembly, logistics, retail and resale…
  12. Education, learning & certification, vocational training, life-long learning, upskilling for the fourth industrial revolution
  13. Counterfeiting of goods like art, jewellery, gold, currency etc
  14. Authentication of pharmaceuticals, drugs
  15. Hospitals, healthcare management, vaccinations, medical records & insurance
  16. Hospitality & hotel management, loyalty rewards
  17. Real estate management, land registry, shared ownership
  18. Shared economy – room rentals like Airbnb, car rentals like uber, gyms, golf clubs etc


200+ attendees have signed up already for this most awaited and much talked-about hacakthon in Mumbai!

Want to sponsor the first of its kind hackathon?

Download Hackathon Brochure 12-14 May 2017 copy. Email arifa@fintechstorm.com


Sign up for the hackathon at http://blockchainindiaweekhackathon.eventbrite.com



Serious developers would be interested in continuing at our Buterin Hackfest 15-16 May at Powai to build some POCs.

Sign up for the hackfest, and get a helping hand on coding with ethereum experts http://blockchainindiahackfest.eventbrite.com