Hackathon 12-14 May 2017 – Blockchain India Week – Mumbai


Delivered by Ethereum experts from USA and Europe, this hackathon is the first of its kind in India, with 200+ Blockchain fanatics already signed up with a diverse representation from Banks, FIs, IT firms, Developers and startups.


Ethereum, Microsoft , ConsenSys and Zero Field Labs are supporting the hackathon!

This will be a must-attend hackathon for anyone who wants to live-test their blockchain skills and aptitude in a cooperative and highly intellectual and stimulating environment well-chosen at IIT Mumbai, Powai. 5 short-listed teams will be selected on 14th May, who will be invited to pitch to Vitalik live at Blockchain Storm Ethereum India Summit on 18th May – set to take place at the iconic Mumbai landmark opposite India Gate – Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai.

Vitalik will select the winning team and give away the “Vitalik Buterin Prize for Blockchain Excellence” in person on 18 May!
“As the largest global blockchain startup with a growing presence in Asia, ConsenSys is delighted to co-host the upcoming hackathon and participate in Blockchain India Week. With over 1.3 billion citizens and a strong IT sector, India is poised to become a blockchain powerhouse. We look forward to deepening our relationships as India harnesses the power of Ethereum to improve transparency, increase efficiency, and reduce the cost of trust,” said ConsenSys Founder & CEO, Co-Founder Ethereum Joseph Lubin.

Countries represented:











May 12th:
18h: Introduction.
19h: Presentations
20h30: Projects fire-pitches
21h: Group-forming


May 13th:
10h: Breakfast
11h: Mentoring sessions
13h: Lunch
14h: Blockchain Workshops
19h: End of the 1st day


10h: Breakfast
11h:Pitch Training
12h: Lunch
16h: Demo presentations
17h: Closing Party / End of the day


Each team needs to register with atleast 1 blockchain developer and upto 5 total team members.


Blockchain India Week Hackathon Challenges :

  1. Agriculture & Farming – Making Supply Chain logistics farmer friendly ; Linking farmers to markets in cities and international trade corridors like the Flower Auction Market in Bangalore
  2. Freight & transportation of goods & produce through blockchain-enabled sharing-economy
  3. Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain for weather-friendly crop advice to farmers
  4. Trade Finance for SMEs
  5. Peer to Peer loan market and on-line lending
  6. Person to Person Microinsurance for events like crop failure
  7. Blockchain for Governments – Governance, Public Goods Subsidy & Administration , tax collection, refunds
  8. Blockchain for Financial Inclusion & the unbanked
  9. Blockchain enabled Market mashups – like intersections of industry verticals
  10. Blockchain for improving market efficiency in capital markets, financial services, banks
  11. Supply chain to track the origin of products: the lifecycle from raw material, through processing, assembly, logistics, retail and resale…
  12. Education, learning & certification, vocational training, life-long learning, upskilling for the fourth industrial revolution
  13. Counterfeiting of goods like art, jewellery, gold, currency etc
  14. Authentication of pharmaceuticals, drugs
  15. Hospitals, healthcare management, vaccinations, medical records & insurance
  16. Hospitality & hotel management, loyalty rewards
  17. Real estate management, land registry, shared ownership
  18. Shared economy – room rentals like Airbnb, car rentals like uber, gyms, golf clubs etc


200+ attendees have signed up already for this most awaited and much talked-about hacakthon in Mumbai!

Want to sponsor the first of its kind hackathon?

Download Hackathon Brochure 12-14 May 2017 copy. Email arifa@fintechstorm.com


Sign up for the hackathon at http://blockchainindiaweekhackathon.eventbrite.com



Serious developers would be interested in continuing at our Buterin Hackfest 15-16 May at Powai to build some POCs.

Sign up for the hackfest, and get a helping hand on coding with ethereum experts http://blockchainindiahackfest.eventbrite.com