Buterin HACKFEST 15-16 May – for Corporates and Startups

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Blockchain India HACKFEST
for the first time ever in India!
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For every corporate and startup intrigued by blockchain, and particularly valuable for those who are keen to experiment without burning too many resources :

Blockchain and the future of banking & financial services
Build a Proof of Concept
Build a Minimum Viable Product
Expose your team to the world of Blockchain Coding
Learn about real life practical examples of decentralised applications (DApps)
Meet cool Founders of some exciting blockchain solutions
Meet Ethereum and other code experts

What does it involve?

Corporates and Startups bring their teams (Ideally teams of atleast 1 Developer + 1 Business Domain Expert) to the HACKFEST and develop a bare Minimum product or a Proof of Concept , collaborating with the Blockchain experts from Zero Field Labs. If you like what you build over two days of Hackfest, we can take it further..

We are passionate about creating a Blockchain eco-system in India and around the world. We hosted the first ever Blockchain India Summit in New Delhi on 6 Dec 2016 featuring Inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin.

We host regular Blockchain technical workshops around the globe, in London, Zurich, Geneva, Dubai, Singapore, New Delhi, Mumbai.
If you are a grown up company intrigued about the potential applications of blockchain or a startup experimenting with the technology, or a bystander who believes in the promise of blockchain in the modern economy, come and experiment with our expert developers over 2 days and hack / build together a minimalistic Proof of Concept (POC) or a Minimum Viable Product. If it excites you, either go back and work on building a full-fledged product or outsoure it to the experts! The idea is to give you a real feel for putting together a basic application. Regardless of your current state of readiness.
No matter which industry you belong to and what your blockchain needs may be, Zero Field Labs can help.
Attendees of the Blockchain Storm can book a free one-on-one consultation with Zero Field Labs
Come explore how your business strategies, products and services will look like in the blockchain enabled world?
We will be hosting the Blockchain India Week during 12-19th May 2017 with a series of events for the Blockchain clan – Ethereum Developer Community Meetups, Conference, Technical Workshops on Ethereum Smart Contracts & Other Blockchain Protocols, Hackathons , CEO & CTO Forums and Informal meetups.
We bring you a full suite of activities to suit every firm or individual at Blockchain India Week 12-19 May in Mumbai to promote Blockchain applications on Ethereum and to galvanise the Banking & Financial Services, and many other industries in India. Vitalik Buterin, inventor of Ethereum will preside over activities during the week.

Activities Schedule during BLOCKCHAIN INDIA WEEK:

12-14 May 2017 – Blockchain India Week Hackathon for 200 Devs (delivered by technical experts from Europe ) – IIT Mumbai
Blockhain Storm HACKFEST 15-16 May 2017 – Enterprises build Blockchain POC with our Developer resources – Mumbai
17 May 2017 – Blockchain Masterclass – Full Day Technical Workshop on Ethereum – Sofitel BKC
18 May 2017 – Full Day Blockhain Storm Ethereum India Summit – Hotel Taj Mahal Palace


HACKFEST Organisers

Dr Dimitri De Jonghe

Ethereum Developer , Expert in Hyperledger & Bigchain DB

Dimitri co-invented SPOOL, one of the first protocols for intellectual property on the bitcoin blockchain. Having traversed the engineering space from the electron level at analog nanometer transistors to cloud platforms, Dimitri has in-depth knowledge about:
SPICE, VHDL, assembly, micro-C, C, C++, Java, Python, NodeJS, Javascript ES6, Postgres, MongoDB, Decentralized and distributed systems, PAXOS, RAFT, cryptography and so on.
After finishing his PhD on applied machine learning to micro-electronics, he co-founded 2 startups in the machine-learning space.

Currently, Dimitri is working as a full-stack engineer on BigchainDB, merging big data with blockchain. He is also a co-chair of the W3C Interledger community, a protocol for connecting blockchains. Here he works on the core protocol and co-developed cryptoconditions, a verifiable alternative to smart contracts.
Arifa Khan
CEO Zero Field Labs

Arifa Khan is a London based Blockchain Researcher, a seasoned Banking & finance, strategy and
operations executive, with over 15 years experience in Investment banking,
Leveraged Finance/ Financial Sponsors Coverage/ Debt Products & Credit.
She has worked with two suisse banks Credit Suisse & UBS.
She currently advises Government of India on international financing and Government of Andhra Pradesh on Blockchain implementation.
Arifa’s latest project is setting up a Blockchain eco-system in India through a Suite of Blockchain Solution Providers for Indian market, Blockchain Excellence Centre, a Blockchain Startup Accelerator, and a fund for Blockchain Startups.
Arifa is an avid Blockchain researcher, Member Wharton UK Alumni Club Committee, Founder Europe-India Conclave , Fintech Storm and Blockchain Storm.


Andres Junge , ConsenSys


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